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TDap Information

7th grade is quickly approaching for your student; we are sending this second reminder letter about the TDap vaccination requirement to attend walk-thru and start 7th grade next school year.  If your student has not yet received this vaccination, we encourage you to take advantage of the upcoming Spring Break to make an appointment to have your child receive this shot.  Please make sure to provide the school proof of this vaccination by turning it into the school office.


By law, students who do not have proof of receiving a TDap booster shot will not be able to start 7th grade until proof is provided to the school.  (The tetanus-diphtheria booster shot, Td, will not meet the requirement.)


We want to make sure your child starts 7th grade on time.  We urge you to:


  1. Get your child’s TDap shot now if your child hasn’t received it already.

A large number of students need a Tdap shot between now and the start of school next year.  Make an appointment with your child’s doctor or clinic to get a TDap booster shot. Don’t wait until the last minute.


  1. Bring in your proof of immunization to the school office.  Be sure to keep the written proof of your child’s TDap booster shot in a safe place until it is received by the school office. 


Getting the adolescent whooping cough shot now will not only help to protect your child against the ongoing threat of whooping cough but will also meet the new school requirement.


If you have any questions, please contact Bristow Middle School at 925-513-6460.