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Mrs. Souza


Welcome Sun Bears!!!

My name is Mrs. Souza and I am your Language Arts teacher. This is my twenty-third year of teaching, seventeen of which have been here at Bristow. Besides teaching and reading, I like listening to music, gardening, and kickboxing. I really love hanging out with my family (my husband, daughter Jordan - second year of college, son Gabe - 12th grade, daughter Eve - 9th grade, and my dog Sam.)

- To view assignments, please check Canvas. Or click here.

- For other resources, scroll down the page, focusing on the sides of the page.


team sun bears


Being on this team means that the teachers share a common group of students.  This allows us to better focus on student achievement because of the commitment teachers have made to share strategies, best practices, successes, and concerns about individual students.  

All students have one of the teachers below for their four core classes ~ Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  PE and elective teachers could be different than the teachers below, depending on the elective courses taken.

As a team we strive to communicate with both parents and students in a timely manner.  Please check your e-mail regularly to ensure that you receive important information.  

left to right: Ms. Ahlswede (Academic Support, Math, Language Arts), Mr. Doctolero (Social Studies, WEB), Ms. Souza (Language Arts), Mr. Boughton (Social Studies), Mr. Waechter (Math, Electives), Ms. Gugliemo (PE), Ms. Puccioni (Science), Ms. Orellana (Electives), Ms. Morfeld (Math)

Until further notice, students will be learning in-person full-time. 

We will use Classlink to access the various apps needed for each course.  The easiest way to sign in to Classlink is via the Bristow website (right side, near the top).

For directions on how to access and/or troubleshoot Classlink, Canvas, Pearson, and MyBackpack, see My Locker (left of this page).

  • Assignments will be a variety of tasks, such as writing an essay, reading a novel, making a video, or collaborating with other students.  
  • All assignments can be accessed by using Classlink (click on the icon on the BMS website), opening the MyBackpack app, selecting the proper class, then opening up Canvas.  Be sure to read announcements (if any) for the course when opening MyBackpack.
  • Although completing an assignment on the day it is assigned is optimal, always be aware of the due dates listed on Canvas.
  • Updated weekly ~ students will receive feedback on individual assignments, and parents will be e-mailed or called with any concerns.   
  • Parent Portal ~ grades may always be checked by clicking on this link (or clicking the Parent Connect icon on the left side of the BMS main page) and logging in. 
  • Students may check their grades by clicking the StudentConnect app in Classlink.
  • You may e-mail me by using the link on the left.  Please be aware that if you are a student using your school account I CANNOT return a message to you this way.

  • You may message me through Canvas (either parent or student)