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Crazy Horse Monument
Crazy Horse Monument

8th grade US History




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  Gina Terry Teacher
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(925) 513-6460 ext. 4204

Work Day: 8-3:30

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Canvas - How to Upload

Directions on how to upload to Canvas:

1. Open your launch pad.- Sign in with Google or go to Bristow Website 

2. Click on Canvas app.

3. In Dashboard...Click on Social Studies

4. Click on Assignment

5. Click Submit Assignment

6. Scroll Down to FILE UPLOAD

7. Click on Google Doc Tab

8. Click Authorize Google Drive Access - Leave Site

9. Choose your account. Click on Allow

10. Go back to Upload file and all your google docs will appear

11. Click on the assignment 

12. Click Submit Assignment

Mrs. Terry's Class

Resources: Must sign in with school google account to have access
5/12/20 5:20 AM
Current Assignments


All student assignments are located in the Canvas app. To view all assignments, click on the link above to become an observer in Canvas.




Mt. Rushmore
Mt. Rushmore
First Quarter Focus Questions

Overall Focus Question:

During the period of 1789-1830, how did the evolution of the economy, foreign affairs and political parties shape the growing Nation?


Short Answer Questions on Test:

How did political parties influence the presidencies of Washington, Adams and Jefferson?


How did the significant events change the US? What event lead to the most change?

Yellowstone National Park-Bison
Yellowstone National Park-Bison