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Hello Mighty Bears!

Third Quarter! Time is flying by! Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity at Bristow so that you do your best!

Classwork/Homework 2/7-2/11
  Language Arts Social Studies



Embedded Assessment expectations and academic vocabulary

Ch 11 of novel and prompt


Homework: propaganda/appeals quiz tomorrow

ch 11 prompt due tomorrow

cultural differences slides and presentations started


Identifying claims and persuasion

quiz on propaganda/appeals


Homework: Quiz on ch 8-11 tomorrow

cultural differences presentations continued


Quiz on ch 8-11

ch 12 of novel

Coat of Arms Activity


Homework: Coat of Arms due tomorrow

Ch 10-12 crossword due tomorrow

cultural differences presentations continued


Support/Reasons for Claims practice

Double Victory Activity


Homework- Reading log due next Friday

Cultural Differences lessons


No school

Homework: none

No school


This year we will be using Canvas (online learning management system) as well as paper/pencil activities. For Canvas to work best you will need to login first to Classlink. Be sure to log in to your google account first so that everything works properly. The "My Backpack" app then has all of your classes so that you can find everything in one place. The easiest way to get to Classlink is through the Bristow website. We will review all of this once everyone has chromebooks. The first week of school (maybe more) we will mostly be using paper pencil to do our work. 


Assignments are in the modules daily. We start each class by writing the homework down in the planner or on a planner page. When you complete the work you should be crossing it off or highlighting it to show that it is done. Parents you can check the planner daily or  become an observer in canvas so you know the assignments each day as well. Once again this will become more routine once we have the chromebooks. I stamp the planners daily so you have the work down. We also go over the expectations of the work in class each day so you know what you need to do. The homework will be listed in canvas for you each week/day so you have another place to check for it. Homework is collected by me each day on the due date. 

Please join canvas. Watch this video to learn about canvas. Then become an observer on your child's account so that you can message your child's teachers. Here is a video on how to do that.


Parent Portal - You can check on Tuesday of each week to see an updated grade. Feedback will be given on assignments, and students will be able to work on those assignments as the week progresses.  Students- Be sure to check your grades often so that you know how you are progressing.

Student Portal


We will grade some work together in class on the due date. We have check ins on skills regularly to see student progress as well as formative assessments where kids will get immediate feedback.