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  Lisa Slay Teacher
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7/24/20 10:07 AM

Mrs. Slay



Art 8, Art 7, Year Long Art & Yearbook-

Currently, we will be using a Distance Learning Model.  Most Art/Yearbook projects can be finished in the allotted class time for each period.  However, some students may take longer to create. Extra time can be taken during Asynchronous Learning time.

Learning will take place in the following manner (click graphic to enlarge):

To see a calendar of the days when classes meet, CLICK HERENote that we are following the adjusted day schedule until 8/7.

To see a schedule for each class period, CLICK HERE.

We will use Classlink to access the various apps needed for each course.  The easiest way to sign in to Classlink is via the Bristow website (right side, near the top).

For directions on how to access and/or troubleshoot Classlink, Google Classroom, and My Backpack, see My Locker (left of this page).

  • ​​​​​​Asynchronous assignments (or AL for asynchronous learning) are items that students will do on their own, without being face-to-face with a teacher.  These will generally be instructional videos that need to be watched and then students will complete the corresponding art project at their own pace.
  • Synchronous instruction (or SL which is face-to-face learning) will consist of lessons that parallel the instructional video. This will be during the class period Zoom sessions.  Attendance is REQUIRED for all SL sessions!
  • All assignments can be accessed by using Google Classroom via Classlink (click on the icon on the BMS website), opening the MyBackpack app, then opening up Google Classroom.  Be sure to read any announcements (if any) in Google Classroom.
  • Assignments will be due prior to the next scheduled class period unless specified during Synchronous Instruction.
  • Updated weekly ~ students will receive feedback on individual assignments and sent to students via Google Classroom.
  • Grades will be posted in Parent/Student Portal every Friday. 
  • Parent/Student Portal ~ grades may always be checked by clicking on this link (or clicking the Parent Connect icon on the left side of the BMS main page) and logging in. 
  • Join a Zoom session!  Parents or students who need help may join a session on Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday from 1:30 to 2:30 for ALL CLASSES.  No ZOOM on Wednesdays!  

  • Parents and students you may e-mail me by using the link on the left.  Please be aware that if you are a student using your school account I CANNOT return a message to you this way.  Please use your personal e-mail account if you need a response.


ART 8 Semester

ART 7 Wheel

Year Long Art 7/8