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7th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Philip Rodriguez                                            

About me:  I am teaching 7th grade Social Studies and an elective titled C.O.R. Ed.(see the button to the right for more information).  This will be my 23rd year of  teaching and I am excited to be returning to teaching  history. In the past I  have been a sixth, seventh and eighth grade LA/SS teacher at Edna Hill for @19 years. I look forward to having a great  year back in the classroom. In the past I have also coached the Edna Hill Cross Country Team and will be coaching the Bristow team for the first time this fall. I also, in the past at Edna Hill  facilitated the National Geography Bee at EHMS for 4 years. Currently I'm a member of the district History Inclusion and Diversity Committee, 7th-8th Grade Social Studies Department Chair  and co-chair for the Brentwood Turkey Trot for Schools 5k run on Thanksgiving Day.

I  have two wonderful daughters, Lily (age 17 and a senior at Liberty) and Ella (age 14 and an 8th grader at Bristow) and an amazing wife who many of you know as your math teacher. Almost forgot to mention my dog Pliny, and two cats (Juju and Gabby) and one rabbit (Moonlight). Lots going on!


  • To the right (below the bear) are some important resources for getting directly to all you need to know about what is going on in my class.
  • Below the pictures are useful resources to look at, including the course syllabus and supply lists for both my classes.


Parent Information on Technology Resource:

Technology Resource

Video explaining how students access My Backpack:

Instructional Video  


7th Grade History Course Syllabus 2022-2023 (includes supply list)

History Course Syllabus and supply list


C.O.R.Ed Elective class syllabus 

C.O.R.Ed Elective class Syllabus




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Have my class for the elective C.O.R.Ed 5th and 6th period? What is C.O.R. Ed? Glad you asked. Read on.

Course Description: C.O.R.Ed 

C.O.R.Ed stands for Civil Online Reasoning Education. Do you like to debate/discuss current events? Are you bothered, confused or unsure about how to navigate the variety of  online sources of information that exist today? Do questions like the following interest you:  should schools implement mandatory Saturday School for all students, failing students or nobody? Is homework helping or hurting students? Should young adults under 18 be allowed to vote? Should girls be allowed to play on boy’s sports teams?  Are smartphones hurting or helping education?  

The list of issues are endless and flexible. The idea is to teach individuals not what to think, but how to think and debate/discuss issues big and small  (local, state, national and international) in a civil manner that demonstrates balance, academic sourcing skills and critical thought.  We also focus on how to navigate a variety of  digital sources in a fair, balanced and critical manner. 

See the Google Docs link below to learn more about what this elective class is about.




Below is a link to Canvas, which will house information about weekly schedules/homework and communication


Go to the Canvas Page for all instructions about assignments.

***This is also posted in My BackPack in Classlink for students.




  • Canvas and the embedded tools in Canvas for communication using the inbox feature, submitting assignments, taking quizzes, and general class information. When a student submits a assignment I can provide comments, scores and grades in Canvas.
  • Final grades and grade checks should be viewed on Q Student/Parent Connect, not Canvas. Canvas will not be the final measure of a student's progress, but instead a place where grades go in but may not fully reflect everything that your student is doing. 
  • Canvas has many avenues to offer support and communication through the inbox messaging tool. Be sure to get the student and parent version of the Canvas App on your phone. This way you will be connected to all that is going on in my class. Again, Watch the below video for help setting the app up with your student and becoming an observer. It's free!
  • The traditional email contact is also a great way to reach out. (see contact)
  • I will be offering office hours that are open from 3:15-4:00 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  for support as well. These will be held in Room #15

 For all instruction related information there will be a weekly module on Canvas that has assignments and tasks. 

The link below is a working district document that details the scope and sequence of content for 7th grade history. 

7th Grade SS Priority Standards

Attendance will be taken every period.