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RJ Doctolero

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phone #: 925 513 6460  ext. 4213

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7th Grade Social Studies 

8th Grade Social Studies

History Through Sports

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Welcome Back Bristow Bears!!! 

After 20 years at Bristow - I thought I had seen it all!!! Then, 2020 came and proved me wrong!!! Believe it or not, because of the last 6 months, I am excited and confident that REAL learning opportunities will be endless this year. No matter what class you are in - WEB, 7th or 8th grade Social Studies or History Through Sports - we WILL have plenty to talk about and discuss!!! So buckle up because we are in for one heck of a ride!!! 


Welcome ~ we are looking forward to a great year!  

Being on this team means that the teachers share a common group of students.  This allows us to better focus on student achievement because of the commitment teachers have made to share strategies, best practices, successes, and concerns about individual students.  

All students have one of the teachers below for Advisory and their four core classes ~ Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  PE and elective teachers could be different than the teachers below, depending on the elective courses taken.

As a team we strive to communicate with both parents and students in a timely manner.  Please check your e-mail regulary to ensure that you receive important information.  You may also check under "News" on the right side of this page.


left to right: Ms. Ahlswede (Academic Support, Math, Language Arts), Mr. Doctolero (Social Studies, WEB), Ms. Souza (Language Arts), Mr. Boughton (Social Studies), Mr. Waechter (Math, Electives), Ms. Gugliemo (PE), Ms. Puccioni (Science), Ms. Orellana (Electives), Ms. Morfeld (Math)